Informasi Item

Taoist Toga

Informasi Recipe


Klasifikasi: Armor
Tipe Armor: Robe
Durability: 500
Level required: 14
Posisi Equipment: L.Body

ATK: -2%
DEF: 6+2
M DEF: 11+3


Harga Jual [1]: 143

Butuh Refine Lv: 5
Butuh Material:

Pig Oil ×1
Feather ×1
Wine Fungus ×1

Dibeli dari

Chang Yang City (X:156, Y:219)
975 gold

Sumber Recipe

Recipe Pot
Tomb of Fang Feng (X:249, Y:98)
Well, Undergroung of Chang Yang City (X:220, Y:175)
1200 gold

  1. Harga jual toko tergantung pada durability item.

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